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Glashutte First celebrates girls in all their aspects that has a completelynew collection of female timepieces. The stunning versions inthe Pavonina selection are as spectacular and seductive asthe present-day, assured ladies for whom they ended up established. Pavonina within the Latin for peacock, pavoninus, evokes luminous burstsof colour and glittering attractiveness. The new versions from the Pavonina collectionfrom German watchmaker Glashutte Initial are crammed with light-weight andrare natural beauty, mirroring the faceted range of women nowadays. The designspectrum ranges from simple class to extra-ordinary opulence. In homage to the woman gender, the collection is various and energetic,whole of energy and femininity simultaneously. The new selection celebrates the fashionable ladies who stepped ontosociety's phase inside the nineteen twenties. Getting damaged along with the outdated cliches andconstrictions, they ended up free of charge to combine intelligence with energy, femininityand tenderness. Successful businesswoman, glowing belle of the ball,influenced artist or energetic athlete a woman's daily life currently is richer and moreprofound than ever just before. For being a woman is to embrace switching rolesand established new agendas, again and again over the class of time. The timepieces within the Pavonina selection are perfect companions for theserichly faceted girls: endlessly female, fascinatingly lovely andreliably specific. Glashutte First has dedicated these styles tothe assured ladies who pick out to knowledge their femininity for the comprehensive,with satisfaction and with pleasure. An enticing participate in of colours and softly flowing formsThe new models from the Pavonina collection from German watchmakerGlashutte Unique exhibit a beautifully range. Ranging from the simplymodern by classic magnificence to decorative opulence, these femininetimepieces show flowing types as well as a interesting assortment of well thoughtout information. The eye-catching variety of the Pavonina assortment case dates again tothe 1920s, if the exclusive cushion" form was greatly employed withwristreplica watches, which had come to be pretty fashionable. Glashutte Original'sdesigners reworked the form somewhat, adapting it to fit the contemporarywoman and integrating flexible lugs during the scenario. The Saxon watchmaker hasapplied for a patent for this solution, which permits a wonderfully cosy fitbetween the replica watch as well as the wrist from the woman carrying it. These graceful, 31 x 31 mm timepieces are presented in a few differentversions on the case: in coolly brilliant stainless-steel, contemporarybi-colour combining stainless-steel and red gold, along with a warm, radiant18 ct crimson gold. Rich in intriguing detail, the dials are crafted within an elaborate, sophisticatedprocess with the firm's very own dial manufactory. From minimalist eleganceto sensitive, shimmering mother of pearl and glamorous motifs established out indiamonds, they replicate the outstanding, facetted range of girls. The cushion condition of the scenario is mirrored, with a satisfying variation in formand framed by good guillochet ending, from the centre of your dial. All modelsalso aspect a date window at 6 o'clock, and filigreed arms in pink gold orstainless steel, dependent on the case, mark time of day. Using this type of new selection the Manufactory wraps a comprehensive selectionof attainable combinations throughout the wrist. The chrome steel styles areoffered with possibly galvanised silver or ruthenium dials. For your girl who needs to indicate her casually sophisticated element, hand-mountedcabochon indexes mark the hrs. Those who are drawn extra to sparklingglamour could prefer the product with 12 diamond indexes, whose radianceextends on the 44 diamonds boosting the lugs. The bi-colour versions in the Pavonina assortment are both of those playful and elegantat the moment. Presented with dials of particularly slim, shimmering mom of pearl orgalvanised ruthenium, this timepiece offers a compelling combination of materialswith its chrome steel circumstance, crimson gold fingers and lugs, and diamond-topped crown. A different model delivers the colour black paired with purple gold in the definitely classicand timeless mix. A mat black Louisiana alligator leather-based strapcompletes the classy look and makes certain a safe grip about the wrist. A great, elaborately decorated replica watch could be the complete emphasize ofthe Pavonina assortment: offered to be a stylised peacock tail are an array of98 diamonds, 0. 38 carats in all, diligently established by hand around the specifically milled,mocca- or mom of pearl-coloured Colorit dial. Along the softly flowing flanksof the situation can be a further 114 radiant diamonds within the variety of the open circle, although the ornate crown is topped which has a 0. 03 ct diamond. This adore of element is similarly obvious while in the Pavonina collection bracelets. The delicate steel bracelet established inside the Manufactory resembles a piece offine jewellery: its individual hyperlinks existing a successul interpretation andvariation of your cushion shape of the circumstance. The metal bracelet is offeredin chrome steel, pink gold and bi-colour variations, the latter with alternatingstainless metal and crimson gold one-way links. Rounding out the bracelet providing is actually a interesting number of colored straps:shimmering satin in petrol eco-friendly, violet or rich anthracite, or high-glosspatent leather in mocca brown and violet. The bracelets are fitted witha quick-change system that allows the wearer to equip her timepiecewith the strap that best enhances her apparel. All replica watches from the Pavonina assortment function absolutely the precision anduser-friendly comfort and ease confident via the Calibre 03-01 quartz movement. An innovative function features 3 times the regular magnetic safety,shielding the sensitive mechanism from the influence of recent mobileelectronic equipment and so maximizing the quality from the watch. The plate isdecorated along with the attribute Glashutte striping, as well as the engraved logoappears in gold over the silver plate. The polished scenario again delivers amplespace for unique engravings and personal dedications. Glashutte Original requires up an everlasting custom A historical backgroundWith the start on the Pavonina Selection from Glashutte Primary,the enduring and extreme romance involving women and their replica watchesbegins a whole new chapter. The 1920s were being a time in which a new generation of girls stepped ontosociety's stage: they earned their own individual revenue, went out by itself, placed on shortskirts and wore their hair within a bob. Their emancipation was profound andprosaic at once. As an alternative to sporting pocket replica watches being a pendant ona necklace, lots of ladies switched to the much more functional wristwatch,which experienced develop into extremely trendy. For many hundreds of decades, bracelets have been viewed as an eminently feminine attribute. To use a replica watch on the gold chain in one's vest pocket, to the other hand,was the mark of the male. Contrary to their male counterparts, lots of whomwere unwilling to abandon the standard pocket watch, women of all ages within the 20s werequick to find out the benefits in donning a replica watch on the wrist. They were,inside of a way, wristwatch pioneers , and also the popularity of their preference before long putpressure on watchmakers to meet escalating need. In 1927, Glashutte watchmakers began producing wristreplica watches,which ended up to begin with designed exclusively for girls. Faced together with the demandfor delicate, female replica watches being worn within the wrist, the watchmakersbegan to help make significantly lesser movements. Before long a tradition had beenestablished that known as for the manufacture of unique ladies' wristreplica watches,numerous a long time ahead of the generation of men's wristreplica watches started. While in the nineteen sixties and 70s, the demand from customers around the component of women for exact andfashionable timepieces had, again, a substantial effect on watchproduction in Glashutte. In time, wristreplica watches for females arrived increasinglyto be seen as being a mixture of jewellery along with a valuable approach to explain to time. As being a rule, a girl owns a number of replica watches, just after all, for being worn as jewelleryand selected to suit a particular outfit and situation. At the end of the 1970s,the business VEB Glashutter Uhrenbetriebe, which had absorbed Urofa anda variety of other providers, started creating ladies' wristreplica watches equippedwith quartz actions; they were simple to take care of and use, and wereboth snug and economical. Using the launch of a new collection of women replica watches with quartz actions,Glashutte Initial renews a tradition which is respectful of women's desirefor smaller, a lot easier to deal with timepieces with additional tasteful instances. Wim Koster, Glashutte Initial moderator Franco Cologni - Le dinosaure? de lhorlogerie | Marketplace Information
Du haut de ses 74 ans, Franco Cologni croit toujours autant a l'horlogerie. Pour peu que les marques restent attachees a l'innovation, l'esthetique et surtout a leur ADN.
Franco Cologni, le president de la Fondation de la haute horlogerie, est l'un des as well as fins connaisseurs du monde horloger qui soit. Le luxe est en quete de convergences paralleles. Il peut, dans la meme phrase, glisser une reference a Platon ou Cervantes et lacher un juron italien, un cazzo? retentissant que la bienseance nous interdira de traduire, et qui paralyse instantanement son auditoire. A seventy four ans, Franco Cologni, president de la Fondation de la haute horlogerie, pose sur le luxe son regard d'esthete, defend avec enthusiasm la necessite de la society et celle du lengthy terme. Son impressionnante carriere, chez Cartier International d'abord, dont il fut successivement directeur normal puis president, au sein du groupe Richemont ensuite, oł il occupait, jusqu'en 2007, la fonction de Senior Executive Director, en a fait l'un des plus fins connaisseurs du monde horloger. Apres Hayek, je suis le furthermore vieux dans ce domaine. Lui est devenu le pape de l'horlogerie, et moi un dinosaure. Je fais peur, ou je suscite la sympathie. Vous savez, c'est comme a avec les dinosaures, tout depend de touch upon les regarde. Aujourd'hui, Franco Cologni promene sa moustache soigneusement entretenue il la porte, dit-il, depuis qu'il est devenu chauve entre Milan et la Suisse, reservant aussi une petite put pour Paris oł il travaille, avec Flammarion, a la preparing de son nouveau et dernier livre sur les objets Cartier. L'homme mene de front ses deux activites: journaliste et auteur d'un c? te, avec de nombreux ouvrages consacres a l'horlogerie, a la joaillerie et au theatre, entrepreneur et manager de l'autre. Il tire lentement sur sa cigarette, un vice qui ne l'a rattrape qu'a l'age de 65 ans, pour combler les times d'ennui. La cigarette n'est pas une drogue, c'est un geste? , precise-t-il. Une autre fa? on pour cet Italien, egalement Bourgeois de Fribourg, de bouger les mains et d'occuper l'espace. Puis il nous emmene a travers les paradoxes du luxe contemporain, decoupant au scalpel les tendances qui le traversent et qui ont pour nom democratisation, diversification ou integration, de la manufacture au issue de vente. Le luxe est en quete de convergences paralleles. Il s'arrete, sourit, amuse par sa propre formule. Il laisse encore un temps, s'assure d'avoir ete compris. C'est un strategy absurde, n'est-ce pas, demande-t-il en se penchant, l'oeil petillant. C'est pourtant la que nous en sommes: le luxe tire vers le haut, cherche le plus beau, le plus rare, le furthermore cher, et tire aussi vers le bas, en quete de produits toujours furthermore accessibles. Il y a un risque dans cette democratisation: si elle se fait sans society, sans une connaissance intime des produits, des maisons et de leur histoire, elle degenerera en vulgarisation, en banalisation. De nos jours, le public conna? t souvent le prix et la valeur d'ostentation d'une marque, furthermore rarement sa compound et son histoire. La point of view ne l'amuse pas. Franco Cologni est imbibe de tradition classique et s'agace d'une epoque en perte de reperes. Aujourd'hui, il n'y a in addition ni passe, ni futur. Il n'y a in addition que le existing et les gens en sont malheureux. Lorsque je voyage, quel qu'en soit le motif, je reserve toujours une heure pour decouvrir un llieu, un musee. Mais regardez les internationaux en voyage d'affaires: ils ne font additionally rien. Rien d'autre que pisser du fric. La formule choque, volontairement. Aujourd'hui, si vous n'avez pas recours a des mots fracassants, vous n'etes simplement pas ecoute. La lifestyle du langage est en educate de dispara? tre? , s'excuse-t-il presque. Solidement cale dans son fauteuil sa equilibrium l'a tout de meme contrarie ce matin, affichant one hundred ten kg Franco Cologni regarde l'avenir avec confiance. Pour le haut de gamme, la tendance restera globalement optimistic. Tant que nous pourrons offrir des events d'achat interessantes, en termes de produits, d'innovation et de beaute, nous n'aurons pas de probleme. Le bas de gamme, le proletariat de l'horlogerie? ne souffrira pas non in addition. Motor vehicle la montre, c'est un bijou, un ornement, et l'ornement est une constante dans l'histoire de l'humanite?. Reste un marche que la Suisse a laisse echapper, et qui se developpe a une vitesse acceleree: celui des fashion brands?. Ces marques venues de la manner, des accessoires ou du design et dont les produits, souvent accessibles, ont quitte l'Europe pour l'Asie. Des marques capables de se diversifier parce qu'elles sont jeunes et n'ont pas d'histoire, ou parce qu'elles reposent sur des valeurs tres generiques, comme le design and style. Armani peut ainsi entrer dans le monde de la decoration et lancer Armani Casa, mais Patek Philippe n'aurait pas de legitimite a le faire? , resume Franco Cologni. La diversification, a laquelle s'abandonne le monde du luxe, n'est pas un obstacle, estime notre interlocuteur, tant qu'elle s'opere sous l'ombrelle de la marque? , qu'elle en respecte l'ADN. Montblanc, qui, le premier, a lance les instruments d'ecriture sertis, peut legitimement s'aventurer dans la joaillerie. Franco Cologni croit a l'integrite du produit, juge primordial qu'un mouvement soit developpe par les meilleurs specialistes, mais secondaire de savoir si ces specialistes se trouvent dans la maison ou a l'exterieur. Apres tout, lorsqu'on achete une Ferrari, on ne se demande pas qui produit les freins. Marco Cattaneo Tribune des Arts - No360 - Avril 2008