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Jean-Christophe Babin, le 9 novembre 2006, lors du 6eme Grand Prix de l'Horlogerie au Grand Theatre de Geneve
Magali Girardin
What is definitely the purpose of the Monaco V4 from the TAG Heuer universe, what were the sources of its inspiration, and wherever does the title V4 come from? We now have savored a privileged placement in the avant-garde sports activities replica watches and chronographs market place considering the fact that 1860, largely since we innovate much more than some other replica watch brand. We are the only real manufacturer that may give digital and mechanical chronograph accuracy to 1/10th, 1/100th and 1/1,000th of the next. Technologies, style and innovation would be the three big components of our brand's DNA, and it really is via these that we push Swiss watchmaking traditions ever ahead. The inspiration to the Monaco V4 could be the high-end super sports car a territory that TAG Heuer has historically occupied given that 1911, when it designed the "Time of Vacation," the world's first dashboard chronograph, followed by the "Autavia" dashboard stopwatch in 1933, and carrying on throughout to nowadays, with our official partnership with Mercedes-Benz in GT while using the SLR and with McLaren in Formula 1. With its century as well as a half background for the avant-garde of Swiss replica watch layout and engineering, the brand name TAG Heuer can also be in by itself a source of inspiration. The identify V4 is derived through the 4 spring barrels in the movement, which can be mounted over a V-shaped platinum key plate angled at +/-13 levels, just like the cylinders of the high-performance racing motor. The principle of the 5 notched micro-belt transmission has its roots in automotive design and style, where one example is, during the combustion cycle, the distributor belt synchronizes the motion on the engine's valves and pistons Why did you choose the Monaco collection for the V4? Does it in good shape? It appeared quite logical to observe the Monaco's resolutely modern heritage, which exemplifies TAG Heuer's motivation to constantly force beyond the bounds of traditional watchmaking. The initial Monaco of 1969 experienced a novel condition that wholly broke with traditional watchmaking aesthetics. Outfitted with all the Chronomatic Caliber 11, the first automatic chronograph motion with micro-rotor, the Monaco embodied our motto: "TAG Heuer Swiss Avant-Garde Because 1860". I really like the Monaco! It truly is mythical, a real icon, which is why now we have not dared to the touch it for a long time. It reflects the aesthetic and pioneering instincts of our brand name, which carries on to make innovative strategies after which you can remodel them into items. Along with the Monaco V4, TAG Heuer seeks to rethink, redesign and reinvent the mechanical motion. It really is a great illustration of our commitment to innovation. As with the way forward for the model, my motto is: consider the ideal of your earlier, insert to it the best of now, and see where by it qualified prospects!You introduced the Monaco V4 at BaselWorld 2004, and you are only now launching it, 5 years later on, in 2009. Why did it take so prolonged? The Monaco V4 in 2004 was offered as being a Notion watch, meaning that, as during the automotive market, it was built to outline the long run progress of TAG Heuer. During the earth of watchmaking, the typical time necessary to acquire a fresh motion from initially draft to last merchandise is three to 5 several years, so together with the V4 which signifies a real revolution when it comes to mechanical replica watch movement we have been inside the exact timeframe. We did not wish to compromise the standard and dependability from the products by bringing it in to the marketplace much too immediately. The future shoppers of the Monaco V4 needs the very best, and we must usually transcend their anticipations. At a time when all other firms are buying the mass output in their individual actions, why undertake a different strategy by launching a motion these types of as V4, that may only be manufactured at small volumes? Will you utilize this new movement in other replica watches inside the foreseeable future? We never intended to produce a mass-produced movement. It is a really challenging replica watch an progressive and prestigious motion that showcases our skills in high-end watchmaking and engineering. The V4 movement is just not intended to switch other actions we use in "commercial" replica watches. Our one driving intention has been to manufacture this exclusive series of a hundred and fifty luxurious items. Wherever are the elements created? The V4 belts, for instance? As well as our new producing unit in Cornol, and that is committed to our new Calibre 1887 motion, TAG Heuer features a manufacturing and assembly facility there for its significant problems, and for your manufacture of many V4 elements. Nevertheless, the workshop does not have the machinery and procedures necessary to manufacture belts or ball bearings. The belts are produced externally, as are other Calibre V4 factors. The names and location of our sub-contractors are confidential, but what I'll convey to you would be that the belts aren't created by anybody during the replica watch marketplace!Is the movement assembled within your facilities? Certainly, all the Calibre V4 is assembled and examined by us, i. e. , T1 and T2. Our grasp watchmaker was awarded the distinguished title of Meilleur Ouvrier de France in 2004. The platinum scenarios are made within our Cornol facility. Who'll obtain the Monaco V4? The Monaco V4 are going to be produced in platinum inside of a minimal version of 150 pieces. It truly is more a collector's piece that a replica watch for keeping time in fact, once you evaluate it, you occasionally even ignore to pay for notice to what the time is!This world premiere will draw collectors and replica watch enthusiasts who appreciate strong and innovative patterns also as replica watches with important problems. TAG Heuer is popping toward a lot more demanding buyers, individuals accustomed towards the quality of complete only discovered within the most prestigious stages of Swiss watchmaking. These shoppers are principally drawn to TAG Heuer because of its breakthrough innovations in mechanical movement layout and engineering. TAG Heuer now has many followers, as evidenced with the brand's enthusiast weblogs and Facebook close friends. Which distribution policy would you envisage for this minimal series? These a hundred and fifty luxury platinum versions are genuinely fantastic. Supplied the restricted amount, the Monaco V4 will only be manufactured available at pick out points of sale in our international gross sales community.
Tag Heuer
Go through: Monaco V4, Being a Principle watch. . . Concerns responses of Dude Semon, TAG Heuer V. P. Sciences EngineeringWhat makes the Monaco V4 so exceptional? What exactly are its capabilities? What can make this replica watch diverse from other complication replica watches? Similar to a motor vehicle engine, the fundamental mechanical components within a replica watch are: transmission, friction and electricity. It truly is from this premise the team of engineers and watchmakers at TAG Heuer produced new concepts that truly split with regular watchmaking. While in the Calibre V4 movement, the gear and pinion section of a common mechanical movement's transmission is changed by a few belts. Additionally, two equipped belts have out the barrel coupling, on the 13 incline. And at last, the spring barrels use a linear tungsten mass that oscillates over a airplane amongst the two pairs of cylinders. The Monaco V4 involved a terrific exertion regarding investigate and development and it has revolutionized the watchmaking sector. Exactly what are the impacts for TAG Heuer? To make a movement like the Monaco V4, you will need to fully rethink mechanical replica watch architecture previously mentioned and further than the specialized method necessary to manufacture an exceedingly higher complication that may fulfill TAG Heuer's very stringent high-quality standards. This method has helped make the Monaco V4 the very first replica watch with important complications that may be worn in all athletics, which include serious sports. Your complete study, from prototype to experimentation, was done by an R D team dedicated into the venture. This crew is currently the Movement Research division, which is previously working on revolutionary new developments and improvements. TAG Heuer is at this time the only real maker able, at incredibly limited recognize, of building any complication and impressive architecture it wishes. To obtain this, TAG Heuer has produced its personal calculation, modeling and simulation resources. You took demand of R D at TAG Heuer in 2004. The event on the V4 was a true specialized obstacle, but what about the human obstacle? The design in the V4 has nothing at all to try and do with present ideas of watchmaking. We started out having a blank slate and needed to invent a totally new architecture, triumph over the situation of 13 angles, explore a method of winding 4 barrels using a linear mass. . . We also had to build manufacturing procedures for belts, some with steel strands. Generating a V4 necessary conceptual data models based upon complicated physics and mathematical designs. The design and implementation with the V4 included many different fields associated to engineering and metallurgy in particular, at the same time as mechanics, digital and formal programming constraints. . . Are there significant dissimilarities concerning the Thought replica watch and this year's collection launch? There exists a enormous difference between the prototype as well as professional version, notably in terms of the dependability and good quality manage criteria demanded by TAG Heuer. How the Monaco V4 was developed in 2004 wasn't appropriate with large-scale production. We had to rethink it entirely, and wholly rebuild it. Inside of a tiny in excess of two many years, the development of the new V4 movement was finalized. We also offered numerous functioning prototypes at Baselworld 2007. Essentially, the development from the new motion differs from your Notion replica watch in the wheels have been replaced by belts, along with the energy developed because of the linear oscillating mass is saved in 4 barrels in 2 by 2 collection. On the other hand, the aesthetics is completely devoted into the Idea watch. S'immis? ant tant? t sous le cadran de la Port-Royal Concept? , tant? t sur le bo? tier de la variation Open? , l'or rose cree la surprise et le contraste.
Port-Royal? : une collection creee pour l'homme qui contr? le son destin par sa force interieure.
Grande Port-Royal Thought en titane noir, cadran translucide en TR90 laissant voir la platine auxiliaire en or rose, sur bracelet en kevlar et carbone. Mouvement chronographe El Primero 4021C.
Grande Port-Royal Tourbillon en titane noir, avec cadran recouvert d'une trame en or, bracelet en kevlar et carbone. Mouvement chronographe El Primero 4007 avec tourbillon. La carrure est athletique, les lignes tendues, l'esprit viril. Carene dans cette architecture rectangulaire, le chronographe El Primero deploie toute la puissance de ses 36 000 alternances. Dans l'univers Port-Royal? , l'ordre triomphe du chaos, l'individu contr? le son destin par sa force interieure, le progres s'inspire d'un passe millenaire et la raison triomphe de la jungle urbaine. La selection Port-Royal? est ce que notre civilisation postmoderne produit de mieux: le Temps ma? trise par l'Homme. Nouvelle platine pour la Concept? Des materiaux futuristes, un cadran surprenant, des effets contrastes: la nouvelle Port-Royal Concept? s'approprie la matiere et joue avec la lumiere. Quelque portion a l'intersection de l'imagination, de la enthusiasm innovative et de la technologie, elle fa? onne une composition brute et suggest une nouvelle eyesight sur l'avenir. Son bo? tier, disponible en deux tailles, est en titane, un metallic biocompatible et anallergique, dont la construction moleculaire offre une resistance physique special. Trois fois plus fort que l'acier mais deux fois in addition leger, il se decrease en noir anthracite, offrant ainsi un chassis mat et dense au service d'une attract tenebreuse et combative. C? te cadran, le TR90, materiau translucide issu de la technologie spatiale, cree une profondeur de champ qui permet un trompe-l'oeil: les chiffres des index et la reserve de marche en eventail semblent en levitation. En arriere-plan, c'est la platine auxiliaire du mouvement que l'on voit. En or rose, decoree du fameux damier signature de la gamme, elle cree le contraste avec le noir de la bo? te. Elle laisse aussi entrevoir les vis de reglage et la roue des ebats. Bien entendu, les variations sans or rose restent disponibles, soit sur titane naturel, soit sur titane noir. Le moteur un El Primero 4021 B ou F, selon la taille est un monobloc qui a ete scelle pour accro? tre la resistance de la montre. Toute intervention par la suite doit se faire par une ouverture specialement prevue a cet effet, dans la partie inferieure du cadran. Quant au bracelet, soit il est en caoutchouc naturel, soit il est moule dans du kevlar et du carbone, resistant de ce fait a une force de traction de moreover de 250 kilos. La boucle double deployante est aussi en titane. L'? Open? affirme sa differenceLes modeles de serie proposaient deja sur acier un cadran noir basalte, blanc metallise, gris cobalt ou brun Zenith, des bracelets en caoutchouc organique ou en alligator noir et deux tailles, une variation XXT et un coupe, moreover compact. A cela viennent s'ajouter des carrures en or rose massif, avec cadran noir ou argent, qui apportent au modele une dimension plus elegante, surtout lorsque le bracelet est en crocodile. Sur caoutchouc mat, l'or rose se demarque encore furthermore et mise sur le contraste entre une bo? te precieuse et un materiau a connotation sportive. Comme toujours, au travers de l'ouverture rectangulaire a 11 h, on peut voir battre le coeur d'un moteur de study course, le chronographe El Primero. L'ergonomie des poussoirs, le guilloche geometrique, les cornes plongeantes, la reserve de marche en eventail et les index sculptes completent le design: urbaine, contemporaine, la nouvelle Port-Royal Open? or rose affirme sa variation et s'adresse aux fortes personnalites. Tourbillon encourage des arts martiauxElle few le souffle tant son structure est singulier. Inspire des arts martiaux, le pont du tourbillon et les compteurs du chronographe sont construits comme une cible. Le cadran lui meme est recouvert de cette meme trame, en or noir, qui protege la glace saphir. Dans les intervalles, on aper? oit le damier cisele dans le mouvement luimeme. Plus qu'une montre, c'est une veritable sculpture, erigee a la gloire d'une des as well as grandes complications horlogere, le tourbillon. Destine a eradiquer les effets de la gravite en enfermant le coeur du mouvement dans une cage rotative, le tourbillon est a l'horlogerie ce que la formule 1 est a l'automobile. Chez Zenith, l'exploit est d'autant moreover remarquable qu'il s'agit de maintenir une reserve de marche de as well as de cinquante heures, tout en produisant suffisamment d'energie pour alimenter le chronographe El Primero et ses 36 000 alternances d'une component, et les revolutions de la cage de tourbillon de l'autre. C'est le calibre El Primero 4007, une veritable prouesse cinetique, logee dans un bo? tier en titane noir dont la legerete contraste singulierement avec le poids du savoir-faire horloger qu'il renferme. Car c'est precisement en cela que la Grande Port-Royal Tourbillon? se demarque: elle ose carrosser un grand classique horloger dans des materiaux a la technologie avant-gardiste, extremement resistants, ultralegers mais tres solides, qui font de cette montre une etrange affiliation: du Mozart reinterprete par Bartok.
Notion en titane noir, cadran translucide en TR90 laissant voir la platine auxiliaire en or rose, sur bracelet caoutchouc. Mouvement chronographe El Primero 4021C.
Grande Port-RoyalOpen en or rose aveccadrans noir et argent,sur bracelet caoutchouc noir. Mouvement chronographe El Primero 4021C. PubliArtTribune des Arts - No355 - Octobre 2007