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?Rolex - Winners of your Young Laureates Programme | Industry News
Press releaseSome of your world's foremost experts, explorers, environmentalists, health professionals and educators will assemble in Lausanne, Switzerland, in November to honour the first five winners in the Rolex Awards for Business: Youthful Laureates Programme. The Young Laureates Programme seeks to foster a spirit of enterprise from the following technology by giving youngsters the economic support and recognition to deal with the difficulties experiencing humanity with ground breaking tasks. Extra than 600 primary figures from Switzerland and all over the world are predicted to go to the Awards ceremony on eleven November 2010 with the new Rolex Discovering Heart with the Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne (EPFL), considered one of Europe's primary science and technological know-how universities.
Rolex Understanding Middle within the EPFL.
Polymath Brian Eno, the British document producer, composer, singer, multimedia artist as well as a famous technological innovator, would be the keynote speaker with the ceremony. Extended concerned with the way forward for society as well as worldwide environment, he will communicate in regards to the marriage amongst science as well as arts. The Young Laureates, all aged concerning eighteen and thirty, are: Jacob Colker with the United states of america, Reese Fernandez from your Philippines, Nnaemeka Ikegwuonu from Nigeria, Piyush Tewari from India and Bruktawit Tigabu from Ethiopia. Their initiatives range from reworking volunteering for your 21st century to enabling impoverished ladies to create eco-ethical fashion products, from producing interactive radio to be able to advertise sustainable farming, to schooling volunteers to supply quick care to road accident victims and producing Tv programmes to boost children's overall health. "On the occasion with the Awards ceremony, Rolex is using the chance to showcase each the winners as well as their visionary initiatives and also to foster mental exchange between them and many of the very best thinkers from Switzerland and abroad," reported Rebecca Irvin, head with the Rolex Institute, the company's philanthropic and academic arm. "Our best objective is always to stimulate an enterprising spirit between under-30s throughout the world and also to encourage innovation while in the location in order to assistance guarantee a much better potential for that following technology. "An inspiring programmeTo coincide using this celebration, from nine to 11 November, Rolex as well as EPFL are co-hosting a series of displays encompassing the topic of innovation. Every one of these functions are created to aid the trade of suggestions among the Youthful Laureates and intercontinental attendees, which includes extra than 40 previous Rolex Awards Laureates and Jury members, at the same time as the 22 Young Laureate finalists and EPFL school customers and college students. As portion in the conversation amongst the youthful Rolex entrepreneurs and the EPFL local community, visits are increasingly being structured to 2 of your university's groundbreaking investigation labs: the Blue Brain Job, the first-ever attempt to breed thoroughly a biologically correct digital model of the mammal's mind in order to fully grasp brain perform and dysfunction; as well as the Global Health Institute, designed to lead into the comprehension, prevention and therapy of infectious conditions. Additionally, there'll be presentations of your university's landmark research in areas for instance wellness and diagnostics, and h2o and sustainability. "We are honoured to co-host the ceremony and also to welcome the younger innovators along with other Rolex visitors to our campus," stated Adrienne Corboud Fumagalli, vice chairman of Innovation and Technologies Transfer at EPFL plus a member from the 2010 Youthful Laureates Jury. "The EPFL would like to promote entrepreneurship among the college students, plus the Rolex Younger Laureates Programme can be a wonderful match for us. "Rolex Young Laureates ProgrammeAn growth of your long-standing Rolex Awards for Enterprise, the Youthful Laureates Programme, introduced in January 2009, honours people involving the ages of eighteen and 30 with inventive ideas to unravel tomorrow's worries in science and overall health, used technological know-how, exploration, the natural environment and cultural preservation. Each Youthful Laureate gets US$50,000 more than the training course of two a long time, providing the winners time for you to emphasis on their groundbreaking assignments and transfer forward in applying them. The Rolex Awards worldwide community of innovators, comprised of former Laureates and Jury members, is offered for steering.
The laureates.
The Young Laureates Programme enhances the initial Rolex Awards for Business, which is able to be held once again in 2012 and for which applications are now open up (rolexawards. com). The five Youthful Laureates while in the inaugural Rolex Awards for Enterprise: Younger Laureates programme are:Jacob Colker, 26, America is transforming just how people today become involved in local community support. His internet-based programme lets volunteers to work with their smartphones to donate spare minutes to charitable and scientific organizations. Reese Fernandez, twenty five, Philippines is fully commited to assuaging poverty by education folks to become social business owners. Her Rags2Riches company has presently empowered hundreds of women to earn a residing by turning scrap elements into stylish manner add-ons. Nnaemeka Ikegwuonu, 27, Nigeria intends to spice up the dwelling benchmarks of numerous Nigerian farmers as a result of his interactive, cellular radio community. Many 1000s of rural listeners are by now receiving and exchanging data on sustainable farming tactics and well being problems. Piyush Tewari, 29, India has set up a foundation to coach a network of law enforcement officers and volunteers to reply swiftly to street mishaps and administer fast healthcare care. By offering rapid help to victims, he hopes to stem the thousands of fatalities that arise on Indian roadways annually. Bruktawit Tigabu, 28, Ethiopia is making over the accomplishment of the tv programme on overall health that she and her partner are manufacturing for preschool little ones and their dad and mom. La traduction de la science chinoise? par Philippe Couplet conservee a la Fondation Martin Bodmer est en reliure d'epoque, en parchemin ivoire, avec estampe a froid. Elle fut publiee en 1687 sur l'ordre de Louis XIV. La gravure, p. CXVI, represente Confucius, dans le University imperial, avec de part et d'autre les noms de dix traites.
En 1687, un jesuite, Philippe Couplet, livrait la toute premiere et remarquable traduction en langue latine de la science chinoise? du leading des philosophes? chinois, Cum Fu u, que nous appelons Confucius. Elle etait accompagnee d'une vie de celui-ci entre 551 et 479 avant notre ere, ainsi que d'une monumentale table chronologique de la monarchie chinoise depuis l'annee 2952 avant J. -C. jusqu'en 1683 apres. L'equipe de traducteurs reunissait trois autres peres de la compagnie de Jesus, Prosper Intorcetta, Christian Herdtrich et Fran? ois Rougemont. L'ouvrage etait con? u pour le as well as grand bien des Missions orientales et de la Republique des lettres?. Nous l'offrons au community, disait en material la preface, non pas pour montrer aux hommes europeens la sagesse chinoise, mais pour qu'il soit consulte par les candidats des Missions orientales afin de fournir les armes par lesquelles, sous la conduite du Christ, ces nations soient non seulement vaincues par vous, mais encore se rejouissent de l'etre. Le pere Couplet presentait ensuite les Cinq Classiques de la doctrine et des principes politico-moraux? transmis par Confucius a la posterite et herites par lui-meme de la tradition des legislateurs: le Livre des paperwork historiques, les Odes et poemes, le Livre des mutations (qu'il juge obscur et dont il commente longuement les 64 hexagrammes a partir du yin et du yang, de l'imparfait et du parfait, du trait interrompu et du trait continu), les Annales des printemps et des automnes, le Traite des rites. Suivent les traductions de trois livres: La Grande Doctrine, Ta'Hi? (Da Xue), et L'Invariable Milieu (ou l'aurea mediocritas de Ciceron selon le bon pere), Chum Y? m (Zhongyong), deux ouvrages qui sont extraits du Traite des rites, et surtout les Entretiens, Lunyu, les discussions a batons rompus entre le Ma? tre et le Disciple, oł pour la premiere fois dans l'histoire chinoise se fait entendre la voix de quelqu'un qui parle en son propre nom, a la premiere personne? (Anne Cheng). Une muse pour les LumieresL'ouvrage du pere Couplet eut un retentissement specific. Il fut traduit en fran? ais l'annee suivante, puis en anglais en 1691. Presentee comme l'oeuvre d'un philosophe? , la pensee pratique des Entretiens, dont les dix get-togethers occupent 159 pages du volume, sera une resource d'inspiration pour d'autres philosophes, ceux des Lumieres. La pensee de Confucius est, en effet, centree sur l'homme et la idea de l'humain est son enjeu fondamental et initial. Etre un homme, cela s'apprend, doit s'apprendre. Notre mother nature est perfectible et cette humanite qui nous definit en propre est une realite qui, avant tout, se construit. Apprendre, c'est apprendre a faire de soi un etre humain? , ce qui n'est jamais donne de primary abord! Confucius comme Diogene pourrait dire: je cherche un homme!? C'est une demarche ethique, une exigence au leading chef vis-a-vis de soi, une loyaute qu'on se doit a soi-meme. Mais apprendre est une expertise de vie qui suppose l'echange avec autrui, c'est-a-dire une relation de reciprocite, une mansuetude? , une maniere de faire sa put a l'autre en sachant se mettre a sa location, ce qui modere en soi le pulsionnel, invite a la recherche d'un equilibre, d'une moderation, d'une voie juste qui est celle du juste milieu entre les tensions opposees et contradictoires: ce qu'on ne drive pas pour soi, ne pas le faire a autrui. Alors affleure ce que le sage appelle de ses voeux et qui est au centre de son enseignement, le ren, la qualite humaine, le sens de l'humain. Le caractere chinois de ce mot est compose du radical homme? et du signe deux? : l'homme ne devient humain que dans sa relation a autrui. Le ren traduit le souci des uns pour les autres du fait qu'ils vivent ensemble et le rite, li, l'autre mot-cle de cette pensee, est ce qui donne forme exterieure et beaute smart a cette intention interieure, laquelle est conscience et respect de l'autre. Ce qu'illustre exemplairement la piete filiale, pierre d'angle et modele du lien social. Oł Confucius rejoint le pieux Enee de Virgile. Charles Mela, directeur de la Fondation Martin BodmerFondation Martin BodmerCologny19-21, chemin du Guignard. Tel. +41 22 707 44 33fondationbodmer. orgTribune des Arts - Fevrier 2009 - No 369