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Bring a little sunshine to someone this summer!

This summer we can't guarantee nice weather but if you donate blood you will definitely bring sunshine to someone's life! Your donation will help one of the 500 patients in Northern Ireland who need blood each week, such as a person undergoing routine surgery, a mother during childbirth or someone involved in an accident. And if you are already a regular donor, please encourage your family and friends to give it a go so that even more people can enjoy the perfect summer this year.

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About Us

The NIBTS exists to fully supply the needs of all hospitals and clinical units in the province with safe and effective blood and blood products and other related services. The discharge of this function includes a commitment to the care and welfare of our voluntary donors.

The Northern Ireland Blood Transfusion Service, established in 1946, is an independent, Special Agency of the DHSSPS. It is responsible for the collection, testing and distribution of over 64,000 blood donations each year. The Service operates three mobile units at around 250 locations throughout the province. Including headquarters, located on the site of the Belfast City Hospital, a total of almost 1,000 donation sessions are held each year.

NIBTS HQ building

Contacting the NIBTS

Northern Ireland Blood Transfusion Service
Lisburn Road

Tel 028 9032 1414